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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Breakdown

So I’m going to give you a break down on all the projects I'm working on. I'll keep them in organized sections so that it will be easy for you to follow.

Ok Let's Start...

I've been looking up potential songs for this week :) I have found 2 ok ones but I need to find AMAZING ones. So the search is still on for a song..... It’s spring break this week so I’m at my house in Lantana, FL for the week and I just went back down to Lynn last night to pick up my guitar. Now I can make some magic!!!

Musical Revue-
This is the show I'm directing!!!! Like I said in my last post, this Musical Revue is going to be a showcase of all your favorite Broadway Hits. I emailed the cast on Friday asking them if they accept their role in the showcase. So far I have heard confirmations from Sophia Barrett, Clifford McKinney, Jennifer Morano, Stephanie LoVerde, Katie Welch, Katie Arriola, and Darrick Penny. I am still waiting on confirmations from a few more...Hopeful they come through.
So right now I'm caught in a jam :( I have to find a pianist that would play for FREE and that's really hard to find. I have a potential pianist so I'm trying to gather all the sheet music and get it to her but she's not sure if she can do it yet. It's really hard to get in contact with anyone right now because this week is our Spring Break and everyone is gone, so that puts a little dip in the road. So if ANYONE knows a pianist that is will to play for free, please let me know!!! Thankies

Directing Showcase-
On Wednesday I had callbacks for the Directing Showcase. I found out shortly after that I was playing opposite Marc Castellano (Young Man), as the role of "Girl" in "While the Auto Waits" directed by Karim El Debs. I have heard little about the play and I haven't received a script or a rehearsal schedule, so I waiting to hear about it all.

Vagina Monologues-
The Vagina Monologues is a play written to stop the Violence of Women and to bring awareness to the subject. I've been working on this project since December, I believe. I have rehearsal twice every other week. It's a nice light and easy rehearsal process right now :) I am "Woman 2" in "Introduction", I am in "A 6-year-old Girl Was Asked..." and I’m "Woman H" in "Say It".  

Celebration of the Arts-
Formally known as "The Dance Knight Light", Celebration of the Arts as grown as fast as you can say Dance. It is so much more than dance now; it has singing, musicians and so much more. I auditioned last Tuesday for dance. I auditioned Bollywood, Contemporary, and Pop Jazz. I am waiting to hear which numbers I will be accepted into :) I'll keep you posted. Check out Bianca's blog (the director)

Undergraduate Repertory-
So I have to come up with a 10 minute show just involving me. A One Woman Show!!! I can do singing, dance, monologues, ect. Where do I start??? I've been looking through a couple monologue books but nothing sticks out at me. I do have a couple songs in mind for the show, so I’ll be practicing those. I haven't decided if I want to dance yet. It's would be nice to do because I can do anything I want but also I would have to practice a lot for it. And also I would have to pick a genre; would I do contemporary, tap, jazz, hip-hop, bollywood...the possibilities are endless. I need to find a theme!!!!! I spoke with Carrie and Adam Simpson (my acting professors) about it and they said find the pieces you want to do and a theme will just come. Ugh...will see what I can do.

I just received an email booking me to play the role of "Jessie" in Fragments. Directors Stephanie Williams, Grant Cumbest, and Adam Goldberg are creating a film for their Senior Seminar class and are working very hard on it. I haven't received a script yet all I know about Jessie is what I read off of their blogs.
Straight from Stephanie Williams blog...
Jessie, the 'budding writer': Next up is Jessie, a character that I developed. Jessie has just graduated from college, and is stuck in that awkward phase of being optimistic (perhaps a bit idealistic) about the future while remaining completely insecure and indecisive in the present. Having just graduated from college, Jessie is trying to establish herself as an author, but is at a complete loss as to how to begin living in the real world. To top it all off, she's been struck with a case of writers block! Jessie's episode takes place in a coffee shop as she tries to come up with ideas for her first novel, and features some exciting filmmaking techniques involving changing perspective, time lapse, and use of the steadicam!

So that's everything!!!! I hope you keep updated on my "Road to Success"


  1. KAYLA! that is crazy!
    I would never be able to keep that all straight! But, that is AWESOME:) I am really excited for you for all of your upcoming projects:)

  2. I posted about you!! :) just try to breath (if you can find a min for that) its a crazy schedule but were theatre people, we like things crazy haha