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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yo Tengo Agua :)

I have water and you should too!!! Drinking water is so good for you! I always thought that drinking water would make you "bigger" because your stomach would be full of it but its actually the opposite. When you don't drink enough water your body thins that you wont have water (as if your in the middle of the desert without water) so your body says "Hey Kayla's not going to have any water so I should hold onto as much as possible to last here through the rest of this desert" So you body holds onto as much water as possible therefore making you bloated or "bigger". When you drink water constantly throughout the day your body has no reason to hold on to water therefore not making you bloated and making you look "thinner". Water has also has many other health benefits. So drink, drink, drink!!!!!!! Educating yourself is going to make everything easier. So please take control and educate yourself on ways to live better and be better. Please follow me the winding road I call "My Road To Success" and we can be better together.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Eat Some, Lose Some

So I've been changing the way I eat and work out because I want to live a long happy life so I'm taking charge now! I've been going to LAFitness everyday for the past week. I go to the Cycling class at 5:30am every Tuesday and Thursday and then I attend classes such as Body Boot Camp, Body Work plus Abs, and Step Aerobics. I've found it easier to work out in a group because it pushes me to my limits, I can't slack off when there are so many people giving their all.

So cycling class kicks my butt!!! I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to get the best leg and core workout in an hour. I leave that class drenched in sweat, it looks like I just left the water aerobics class. Haha. I would recommend taking this class in the morning or just working out in general in the morning. And these are a few reasons why..
-You get it out of the way!!!
-Boost your metabolism
-Dr. Oz says so!! 

Who wants to leave work and think "Ugh Now I have to go workout". If you do it in the morning you get it out of the way and you can start off the day already wide awake and ready to go. Also tons of studies show that working out in the morning boost your metabolism. What this means is your body will burn up what you consume so much faster. The amazing Dr. Oz says the 6:35am is the best time of day to loss weight. Dr. Oz shows an amazing analogy of what working out in the morning can do for you... Check it out: 

So for me I've been cycling in the morning :) Ok so I have to go...I'm going for a swim at LAFitness :) Have an amazing day...please take control of your life and live it to your fullest. Don't let life pass you by......making little changes in life today can point you to a brighter tomorrow! Please hang out with me on "My Road To Success" and we can be better together!!!

I'm Back :)

Hey Everyone, so I took some time off from the blogging world but I'm back. I'm making a lot of changes in life from the way I eat, the way I exercise, to my wardrobe, to auditioning, working on set and more. I want to keep you updated on everything I'm doing and also give you tips to help you live a better life! If you have any questions about anything please ask and I will try my best to answer them :) Please follow me on 'My Road To Success" and we will make these changes together!!