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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 25...

It's Day 25 on my "Road to Success" and this is what I have. You guys voted last week and wanted me to learn Stay by Sugarland. Well after a much waited 7 days, here you go!

Stay - Sugarland

And the votes are in for my next voted for Our Song - Taylor Swift. So let me start learning it and I will keep you posted on my "Road to Success"

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  1. Video looks great! You are too cute
    Keep up the hard work

  2. Getting better! I like you sitting, you look nice and relaxed. And your voice sounde great. How do you sing and play at the same time? It's so hard!

  3. Go you Kayla! You sound great and your guitar is really picking up. You look very comfortable playing :) Soon you'll be able to play AC/DC Thunderstruck introduction.

  4. kayla! I LOVE THIS!!!! your doing amazing! its crazy that you are JUST learning the guitar! keep it up:)

  5. so im very happy to see your progress... i hope that we can one day jam together on the same stage

  6. I love this song, and you do it very well! You wouldn't know you are just learning the guitar, great job!