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Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Song???

Sooo you guys voted and RESULTS ARE IN.....(Dun, Dun, Dun) And the winner is....Stay - Sugarland with 9 votes, and the runner-up with You're Still the One - Shaina Twain at 7 votes :) I will be posting new videos every WEDNESDAY. So I posted my first video yesterday performing If I Die Young and your comments have been so helpful. I really love that ya'll want to help me!!! I want to be amazing and you guys are helping me do that. I will definitely keep practicing and perfecting the song so that by the time I perform it live it's actually good lol
So I just played through Stay - Sugarland and it definitely needs some work :/ The chords are the basic D, G, A, Em so the pretty simple, I just need to practice the transitions and the strumming.
Please vote on next week song, you have till Wednesday :)
I really hope you keep updated on my "Road to Success" and I will let you know how the song is coming!!!

**Also I just started a YouTube Channel if you want to check it out. It has me singing, dancing, and acting**

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