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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week 1-2 (cont)

So since the last time I posted a lot of things have been going on. Ok starting with Wed, Feb 2nd; what an amazing day!! So I woke up at 5:30am and drove to the Spanish River beach and watched the sun rise.  I greeted the sun by playing Hey Stephan by Taylor Swift; it was a beautiful moment. But then my fingers started hurting and doubt got into my head and I knew I had to post a video soon but I didn't feel ready. So then I decided to watch YouTube videos for inspiration but that back fired, I ended up watching videos of really good singer/guitarist and got discouraged. But then out of the no where this guy came up to me and asked me "How long you've been playing?" I told him 10 days and he asked me to play him something. I was thinking "Holy cow, I am so bad. He's probably gonna run away.." So I played him the first verse and chorus of Hey Stephan. At the end of it he was like "10 days??? That was really good." He thanked me for playing and told me I made his day. Ugh, God has humor. He makes you realize you know nothing. When you think you’re horrible and that you suck, he shows you how wrong you are. :)

Ok so good and bad news. Bad news is that I won't be singing Hey Stephan - Taylor Swift as my first song and I won't be posting as soon as I wanted to. Good news is that I found a new song to perform. On Friday, Feb 4th, we had a Kyle Conrad Memorial service.

Kyle Conrad was a 21 year old senior and soccer player at Lynn University that sadly passed away on Dec 11, 2010. I have decided to make my first song a tribute to both Kyle Conrad and the 4 students and 2 faculty that we lost in the Haiti earthquake. I chose "If I Die Young - The Band Perry”. This song is so beautiful and I want to sing it for them. I got the music yesterday so give me a couple of days to master it and then I will post the video.

I hope you’re on the edge of your seat while following me on my "Road to Success". Also if you have any request for songs please let me know I want to sing things You want to hear.


  1. Dear Kayla,

    I enjoyed reading your blog. Sunrise on the beach is very nice. Here is a time lapse video I made of the sunset when I was on the beach in Cozumel a couple weeks ago. Enjoy!

  2. I Disagree with you Clifford, Kayla has been more places and done more than most teenagers.
    Kayla the voice is BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLL,But the guitar need some work,But i am sure you will master it as time goes on...Beautiful song......................peggy

  3. Inspiration always comes at odd times that we never plan to experience.

    R.I.P Prof Bruno, he was the greatest science teacher I ever had. Wish I could've gone sand boarding with him but I'm glad I at least had him in class.