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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome to "Kayla's Road to Success"

Hey Everyone!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog :) This is my first blog entry and I just want to introduce myself and the reasons for me starting my blog. First, my name is Kayla Golladay. I am a Sophomore at Lynn Univerisity in Boca Raton, Florida. I'm taking "The Blogosphere Identity" course with Professor Carrie Simpson. We have to pick a goal that we want to accomplish in the 12 week semester. My goal in life is to become a  performer and entertainer. I love singing, dancing, and acting and I want to perfect my love of performing. I am a Drama Major at Lynn and I have been taking dance classes to get more training so I can be the best. I am commiting my life to pursuing what I love. But I have a couple speedbumps in front of me. One being my lack of training and knowledge of how to play the guitar. Learning the guitar will allow me to take my vocal performance to the next level. So this is my challenge to myself.....I want to learn to play guitar in this 12 week course. I want to learn a song a week and by the end of the semester perform at a local bar/coffee shop/pub. I want to be able to perform a set (30-45mins) of just my voice and my guitar. This challenge seems nearly impossible because I will be teaching myself but I WANT IT; so I will give anything and everything to accomplish this goal. I hope you continue to follow me on my "Road to Success". I will be posting videos along the way so please comment honestly so that I can become the best I can be. Have an amazing day and I will talk to you soon :)

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  1. :) You can achieve anything if you just your heart...