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Monday, February 14, 2011

Working Hard!!

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Playing 2,3,4 hours a day is a lot of time! I'm have been dedicating so many hours to playing guitar. I want to be amazing, so to become amazing I must practice really really hard. I on and off practice about 4 hours a day and it's starting to pay off. I can see and hear the difference of my guitar playing skills already. Looking back on last week’s song (If I Die Young) and reading everyone's comments I've been trying really hard to do well this week. I don't want to disappoint you guys :(

So for some serious news there has been a death in the family; my guitar family that is. :( So this is the story: After playing and posting "If I Die Young" I noticed that the guitar sounded out of tune which resulted in me been flat a couple of times. Well I was noticing that I had to tune my guitar every time I played it; which is everyday. So I was like well I probably need my strings changed or something? So today I called a couple of places and they said that it would take a day to do. I didn't have a day to spare! I need to practice! I have to post on Wednesday! Then I called Backstage Music Network and said that they will do it and get it back to me before 7pm. YEAH!!!! Backstage Music Network to the rescue! You can find them on facebook, they were awesome! So I ran it to them and she took my guitar and took one look at it and almost fell backwards. My baby was dieing. She showed me that the Bridge (pic to the top right) on my guitar was about to snap off. She said "You never noticed this before?" Whoops...must have slipped by me? So I asked her if they could fix it she said yes but they would have to send it out to get fixed and get it back in 4 days....4 days!?!?!? I didn't have 4 days. Plus it would be expensive to fix because of how bad it was. So I found that the better and smarter financial investment would be to get a new guitar. She nicely brought me over to the guitars on the wall and let me play with them. I asked her tons of questions and told her why I was learning and she was super helpful. She said that since I will be performing it would be smart to get an acoustic guitar that can be plugged into amps and whatnot. So I walked out the store with a brand-spankin new $200 all black acoustic Stagg guitar. It's absolutely gorgeous and its so much better to play on. So even though we lost a member of our family, we welcomed a new one in.
Just a reminder, I will be posting Stay - Sugarland on Wednesday. Keep looking out for me on my "Road to Success"


  1. LOVE IT!!!! It's a beauty! You have motivated me to get back into playing- my fingers hurt!!!

  2. She's beautiful, don't drop her while you skip.